What is BRT?

After much thought and careful consideration I am now adding a whole new page dedicated to my Book Retail Therapy bookish meme!  Aren't you all just so excited?!  Me, too! :D

Q.  Book Retail Therapy?  Wtf is this thing?
A. Oh, I'm so glad you asked!  Ahem.  Book Retail Therapy is a Bookish Meme I have started as a way to showcase books that I have bought with the running joke that I have an addiction to book buying.  This is very true for me (and many other book bloggers as well I should think).

Q.  Is this meme ripping of Kristi from The Story Siren's In My Mail Box bookish meme?
A.  Absolutely NOT.  At the time when I first started blogging I had no idea what The Story Siren was or what the initials IMM stood for and "Book Retail Therapy" was a random tag and post title to show what I had bought at the time.

Q.  How was Book Retail Therapy created?
A.  Well, being the OCD book loving hoarder that I am, I like consistency.  So even though I learned what IMM was with time, I still kept on using my "Book Retail Therapy" tag line for books I had purchased.  I kept using it and over time I made a ratty makeshift button and now I've just decided it deserves to be admired and understood for it existence. <3

Q.  What exactly is the Book Retail Therapy meme used for?  When do you use IMM?
A.  Technically all of my Book Retail Therapy posts could fall under the popular In My Mail Box meme that has taken over the blogger-sphere, created by the beautiful and talented Kristi (I am so not kissing ass - you all know she rocks!), but I use the Book Retail Therapy meme for purchases only.  I use IMM when I receive books through other means (i.e: contests, giveaways, ARC's, review requests, NetGalley).

Q.  Why not use your Book Retail Therapy meme to show off all of your books at once?
A.  Because I didn't buy IMM worthy books and "Retail Therapy" implies paying and purchasing.  Contests, giveaways, ARC's, review requests, and Netgalley are all free!  See the difference?

Q.  When do you use post Book Retail Therapy?
A.  I post them whenever I can or have brag worthy purchases I want to show off, but I try (and fail) to stick to posting on Saturdays so It doesn't conflict with IMM which I post on Sundays.

Do I need to persuade you further?  There are two awesome reasons I can give you to try and use Book Retail Therapy & IMM together in harmony.
  1. So many bloggers I follow have such large IMM's every week that I can't load the pages sometimes to see all of their awesome books!  :(  Using Book Retail Therapy prevents overloaded webpages since it helps spread the love around a little.
  2. It gives me a chance to show off my books twice as often when using IMM in the same week!  :D

Convinced now?  Think you've all got it?  Understand the rules?  Well then, get to it!  :D

Have any questions?  Send me an e-mail at amateurvoice.kp(at)hotmail(dot)com.

To see some of my past Book Retail Therapy posts click the image below!


  1. Awesome Kelsa! I would love to do this one. I've been eyeing some books for a while now but haven't bought any bc my physical TBR pile is a mile high!!

    I will totally do this meme when I've purchased some books. And I don't in any way think you're ripping off IMM.

  2. Thank you! I was hoping someone would reassure me of this! ^^;

    Oh, thank you! I'm so excited now! :D

  3. Oh gawd. Do I really want to admit how many books I buy?! E-books are the worst, one click buying and your addiction is fed.

    Sounds like a fun meme, Kelsa. :)

  4. Awesome!! I will be joining this one soon!!

  5. Missie,

    Oh, come on, you know you're proud to show them off! ;) Thanks, girl!

    Oh, goodie! I'm excited! Can't wait to see how you guys like participating in it! :)

  6. You know what? This is the perfect book show-and-tell meme for me because I buy almost all of my books! I think I just bought 15 books this month alone! So yeah, awesome idea, will look forward to participating - if I could ever find myself out of this blog slump I'm in.

    But count me in as soon as I return!

  7. Okay this solves a huge problem for me! I tried to do a vlog of my books I'd received for my IMM since my last IMM which was June 19th. It was taking 383 minutes to upload to youtube. No telling how long it would take to put on my blog.
    Then I had review books to do which was just as long! And really, a few of my review books need to be seen in video. So I love this idea! But you should have emailed me!


  8. Heather,

    I did! On Twitter! That's how I spread the word to everyone!



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