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Book Review: Ember by Carol Oates (Blog Tour Day 6)


Source:  Author
Released: July 19th 2011
Published by:  Omnific Publishing
Page Count is 237 pages
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When Candra Ember wakes up in hospital after a dangerous encounter with a red-haired woman, she is shocked to discover that seeing a winged boy wasn’t her imagination. Candra is exposed to a world of rivalry and sacrifice she never knew existed, and the aftermath of a war to save humanity thousands of years ago. Soon she finds herself relentlessly stalked by Sebastian, a beautiful and arrogant Watcher Angel and romantically pursued by his darkly seductive rival, Draven. Ultimately, dubious about her own goodness, Candra’s very existence compromises a tentative peace in the city of Acheron.  (Description from back of book).

It's been a long time since a book surprised me at every turn and Ember certainly did that.  Candra's story is angst ridden with choices between what she wants and what is best for mankind.  Quiet a responsibility to shoulder for a college student.  At first there's Sebastian - gorgeous, arrogant Sebastian - who has been watching her for sometime and is abruptly inserted into her life.  At first he is nothing but a nuisance, constantly causing strife for Candra with his condescending demeanor and half truths as to why he's 'protecting' her.  I couldn't help but laugh along with Sebastian when he got under Candra's skin during their disagreements.  It was endearing at times, reminding me how a boy would pick on a girl he likes in kindergarten.

As their relationship developed Candra began to fall hard for her hottie Watcher, but what does Sebastian feel?  And what were his motives?  I couldn't understand them because he seemed at odds with himself for most of the book until I was given a good look inside his head muddled head.  All of his secrets come to light when his rival Draven, another Watcher, comes into the story.  He reveals the dark truths about the Watchers history, what Sebastian's role was in the war, and that he intended to have Candra with him to prevent history from repeating itself.  This made me question who was the real bad guy was in this convoluted love triangle.  For a time I began to think that neither Watcher was good enough for Candra to fall for, especially Sebastian who seemed more selfish then anything, but then I got to read about how torn he was.

Candra represented everything that he stood against in the first war, and here he was willing to start another one to keep her with him.  I loved how his character struggled and developed with the story.  Even Draven's character developed nicely which showed through at the end.  And the ending - oh the ending!  I was giddy with glee at the surprising twist!  I honestly did not think either men had it in them.

Ember was an incredible ride with many twists and an unnatural turns.  A great addition to the Young Author scene.  A note to the wise, if you are easily affected by emotional turmoil I suggest you have tissues in hand.

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Ember was given to me by the author Carol Oates in exchange for an honest review in support of her blog tour.  This in no way affected or influenced my review for the novel.  If you would like to contact me about my rating or review please email me at amateurvoice.kp (at) hotmail (dot) com.


  1. Wonderful review! And post looks great! TY! =)

  2. Thank you for taking part in the tour and for the wonderful review.

  3. I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks for the review.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  4. Awesome review K.!! Wow you really make me want this one bad! You know I don't do e books so I guess I'll be buying this one. Great review and I'll have the tissues ready!

    Good to have you back on the scene even if it's temporary.

  5. Thank you everyone! I kept wondering if I over did it

    @ Heather,

    I don't know if it's temporary or not yet. It's hard to balance blogging with school. I don't have much time to read lately, and shit has been hectic lately. I'll call you to catch up about it soon. I miss talking to you! :'(

    Oh! I managed to be able to receive ebook and paper back. Get the paper back. It's so pretty! <3

  6. "Ember was an incredible ride with many twists and an unnatural turns." That's some review. It's the "unnatural turns" that caught my attention.


  7. Great post and review. Ember sounds amazing!

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  8. Ohhh! Great review! I'm getting more and more excited about this one!

  9. @marybelle,

    It really was, I thought I knew where the story was going, I was right to a degree, but the characters were what surprised me so much. It was a good book.


    Thank you!


    You should definitely read it if you can! It's really good. :)

  10. So excited to read the book! Thanks!!


  11. Thanks for the participation for this book! It sounds great! I can't wait to read it!


  12. It's good to know that we all enjoyed the book so far. Thanks for the great review.

  13. Excellent review! You gave a good sense of what the book's about without revealing spoilers.

  14. I really like the plot of the book mostly because there's an angel.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  15. Another great review. I'm so glad everyone's loving this book, I can't wait to read it.

    Jess @ The Midnight Bookworm

  16. It's good to hear that Candra is a college student, they don't seem to exist in the world of literature.

    candicerjames [at] gmail [dot] com

  17. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to read.

  18. Teasing about the ending just makes me want to read it more. I love twists.

    lauradunks at googlemail dot com

  19. YAy again!

    lauradunks at googlemail dot com

  20. This sounds like an awesome book, can't wait to read it:)



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