Saturday, July 2, 2011

My First Book Signing & My Adventure In New Orleans!

I know this has probably been wiped from everyone's recolection by now, but remember how I said I was attending a book signing at Octavia Books in New Orleans to see Cassandra Clare and Ellen Hopkins last Saturday?  :D

The Bermuda Triangle of street signs!  Trying to find this blasted street was a pain in the ass!
Once we finally got there we took in the sites. :)
Because of Octavia St. we were a half hour late and ended up in the back of the signing line.  :(
It was entertaining watching everyone meet Cassandra and Ellen.  Thank God, I wasn't the only one geeking out completely.  ^^;
Ellen Hopkins!  *SQUEE*
Me with Ellen Hopkins! *DOUBLE SQUEE*
Me and my best friend Megan with Cassandra Clare!!  *EPIC FANGIRL MOMENT*
All of the books that I got signed.  Aren't they lovely? *Puffs chest with pride*
There even prettier from this angel!  <3
Hurray for awesome bad ass females!  :D
<3 :D

I had such a great time meeting Ms. Hopkins and Cassandra.  Cassandra is freaking awesome.  Did you know she supports soldiers overseas? :D  It was so much fun talking to her about the military and explaining how much of nerds me and Megan were.  :D

I did actually have about twenty minutes worth of video footage of both Ellen and Cassandra talking about their books and answering questions from the audience, but unfortunately my computer ate the footage.  :(  This royally sucked when I got home because Cassandra had a hilarious sense of humor when it came to explaining to the hoard of Alec and Magnus fans! *laughs*


  1. I am super d duper jealous. I would love to meet Cassandra Clare! You are a lucky I am happy you got to meet her. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Apples! It was exciting. I'm extremely glad I was able to go. :D

    Kelsa P.

  3. Kelsa-

    What an awesome post! You must have had such a blast getting your picture with both authors and getting your geek on! I love hearing that authors are so great and are so good to their fans! Looks like your wallet might have been hurting a little bit that day! Mine would have been, too! Thanks for sharing with us!



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