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Book Review: Sex and Stupidity (A Collection Of Short Stories) by K. Syrah

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Released:  July 6th 2011
Published by:  Kindle
Page Count is 38 pages
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A collection of short stories about women, mostly written in tragic satire.

From a young woman marginalized in the workplace, to a strong woman's destructive forays into a rape culture, a woman's dedication to a husband driving her to insanity with his loss, and another woman's quest to make a man love her, these short stories portray the pitiful, pathetic ways that women are put upon in today's society. Marginalized, abused, and sometimes driven into madness.

A show that the job of feminism is no where near done yet.
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Sex and Stupidity describes the tales of four very different and very unique women.  In I’m Not That Young, the first woman is strong willed, unabashed, and in a position of authority over an opinionated, older, male subordinate.  Her inner monologue that follows is both unimpressed and disgruntled towards this man who thinks himself better and more experienced then her because she is younger.  Appearing calm on the outside in her leadership position, I can't help but feel that she wanted nothing more then the give him a swift kick in the gut for insulting her intelligence, which I surely did as I kept reading.

In No White Light, the devotion Mrs. Roe shows to her husband on his death bed was heart breaking.  I felt like I was invasive as the reader, intruding on a private moment.  It was upsetting to read about her loneliness and being separated.  I was angry how it ended.  Separated by death not once, but twice!

In One Of The Boys, a strong minded solider, Rachelle, was always one of the guys.  She grew up with them, rough housed with them, fought with them.  She never liked prissy women who flippantly threw around the word "rape".  It did nothing but ruin the trust of women being in the Army.  Those women were nothing but liars, whores, just trying to cover their asses.  Until she herself became a victim.  I was unnerved by the familiarity of this story I've heard from female soldiers before.  So quickly everyone looked down on her for something that wasn't her fault.

I was a little disappointed in the last short story, To Make Me Love You.  Although it was greatly written, I couldn't help but dislike the immaturity and nativity of Angelina's character.  I have no qualms about a woman moving fast with a man, but to find out he was seeing someone else, being introduced to her, and still trying to keep him satisfied even though it was obvious she was just a fling to toss aside was irritating.  I don't like manipulative men.  I like women who put up with them even less.

K. Syrah's writing style is intricate, intense, and beautiful.  Each story was thought provoking and held something all of its own.  I can't wait to see what else K. Syrah has in the works.

Sex and Stupidity was given to me by the author K. Syrah in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way affected or influenced my review for the novel.  If you would like to contact me about my rating or review please email me at (at) hotmail (dot) com.


  1. Thank you Kelsa! I'll admit, I was a little worried, but it's great to read this.

  2. Thanks again for letting me read it, K! It was really a great read. :D


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