Saturday, July 30, 2011

Book Retail Therapy (11)

Book Retail Therapy is a bookish meme to show off purchased books that satisfy everyone's compulsive book buying. 
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This past Wednesday was my birthday, need I say more?  That's the best reason excuse to spend money on books ever! :D  And to Satisfy my book hoarding nature I bought these awesome books this week:

Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
The Crescent by Jordan Deen 
Secrets and Shadows by Shannon Delany

Married with Zombies is a dystopian novel.  I'm not much of a zombie fan but it sounds to hilarious from the blurb on good reads and the reviews I've been reading around on blogger to not read it for myself.

Wolfsbane is the sequel to Nightshade, and I've been dying to read this!  I'm a fan of the original cover designs, but I gotta say the green on black is very eye catching to me.

The Crescent is another shifter/werewolf novel that I've been wanting to read.  And because I'm a complete shifter/werewolf nut I just had to get it.

Secrets and Shadows is the sequel to 13 To Life.  I enjoyed the first so much and I have to see how things panned out with Jessie, Pietr, and Sarah.

What books did you guys by this week?  Leave me and link and I'll be sure to check yours out!


  1. I need to get Wolfsbane. I just have too many freaking books to read! I am having a slow reading month, since all 3 kids are home all day.

  2. Great books! I really want to read Wolfsbane, just haven't went to get a copy yet. Hopefully soon! I really like the cover to The Crescent :) Happy Reading!

  3. Thanks Amber I. and SimplyMe! :D

    I know, I'm so excited to read it, too. Already seeing teasers for Bloodrose on the web is killing me.


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