Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Good Things On A Monday: My Favorite Ways to Enjoy Army Training

10 Good Things On A Monday was created by Nina B. at Brush Up On Your Reading.

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  1. Think of a particular group of good things you want to make a list on, does not necessarily have to be about books, e.g. your current book wish list, or your favorite book foods (you know, foods you love to eat while reading, if you're like me), or your favorite girly names, whatever you can think of, as long as it makes you feel good.
  2. If you have no ideas for a list, you can always visit my blog post to check out my theme for that week and you can take a cue from my list.
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  5. Everybody goes through the whole week happy! 

Hey everyone!  I know, it's been forever and a day since I've been on here.  I apologize, but the Army was not inclined to help me work reading into my schedule while I was gone, so it will be a while until I can push out some reviews for you all.  :(  A lot has taken place in the past two weeks and I'm trying to find the time to balance all the changes out, so please bare with me a little longer until I get back on schedule with things.  On with the good things!  :D

My 10 Good Things for this week:  My Favorite Ways to Enjoy Army Training

     1. Shamming:  Ie, "appearing" to look busy to avoid real work.

     2. Throwing horribly perverted jokes around with the guys:  Ie, bonding.

     3. Drinking my awesome "bitch beer," as the guys call it while they drink their "manly beer."  At least mine doesn't taste like urine.  :)

     4. Going to sleep after working a twelve hour day - even on weekends!  Need I say more?

Lt. Nelson being interviewed for an article about the work we did.
     5. Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Day! :D

     6.  More drinking and laughter to follow suit.

     7. Meeting new and exciting people.

     8. Not getting to put my MOS as a Medic to use.  Believe it or not, that is a good thing.  When the Medic is bored its a good day.  No one got hurt!  :D

     9. You know your popular when you're the center of a scandal.  Rumors, gotta love them, right?

     10. Singing to Faith Hill the entire convoy drive back with a dorky SGT.  Haha!

Happy Monday everyone!  :D

~ Kelsa P. ~


  1. wow the army! impressive for sure. sounds like a pretty good time though, despite how challenging it must be!

    The Cait Files

  2. I'm such a weakling. I wouldn't last a week in the army. I admire and applaud your army achievements :)

    Diana @ The Lovely Getaway

  3. Thanks for those two grueling weeks in the army! I don't think I'd last a day. You're such a trooper!! I hope the Sgt. hated Faith Hill!! Should have thrown some Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson just to really piss him off if he hates country music. My husband has a country music hater in his office and he cranks it on the worst songs!!


    I'm so glad you're back!! Did you read or just drink in your off time, hmmm??

  4. Cati, It is challenging sometimes, but worth it! :D

    The Lovely Getaway, Thank you! Don't sell yourself short! You'd be surprised how many supoibly "weak" females I know that kicks major ass in the military. :)

    Heather, Lol! Actuall, the SGT was a female and she was sining along with me like a total dork. It was freaking awesome! :D

    Kelsa P.


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