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10 Good Things On A Monday: Ten Movies To Take A Chance On This Summer

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Ten Good Things On A Monday:  Ten Movies To Take A Chance On This Summer

Because my big sister is more worldly then I, (epic sarcasm.  Hold the fries!) this week’s Ten Good Things are some of the movies she recommends I watch to broaden my horizons.  Enjoy! :D

1. The Secret of Nimh

“This is Don Blush’s strongest animated film EVER!  It’s so awesome that a character gets to use the word “Damn” and its it still retains its G rating.” ~ The Big Sister

Shocked?  So was I!

2.  Hellboy II:  The Golden Army

“One of the few sequels I like, but its got Ron Pearlman in it as a sexy red demon.  Need I say more?” ~ The Big Sister

Me:  "That’s one hot tamale!" ;)

3.  Arthur And The Invisibles “French - English Version ONLY”

TBS: “Its the French Version in English.  If that makes any sense.”

Me:  “None at all, but I’ll nod and smile anyways.”

“The reason to see this one in French - English is because the English version censored scenes to dumb down the movie for children.  The French - English version takes its audience seriously.  Censorship in the name of children SUCKS!” ~ The Big Sister


4.  Princess Mononoke

“My personal favorite Hayao Miyazaki movie.  This movie has “Wildajesus” and giant wolves, what’s not to like?” ~ The Big Sister

Me:  “What the hell is Wildajesus?” :/

TBS: * “DAMN nature you scary!”

I’m really confused at this point.  Laughs!

5.  Hook

“Prince Zuko:  The Mousse Years.” ** ~ The Big Sister

6.  Flight Of Dragons

“A rare instance where brains triumph over brawn in the end.  And it has James Earl Jones!  He’s the voice of Darth Vader, you know.” ~ The Big Sister

Me:  “Mufasa use to be a Sith Lord?” ***

7.  Star Trek “2009”

“In space no one can hear you scream as you do one of the varieties of hot men on the Enterprise.  Warp Factor 69!” **** ~ The Big Sister

Can you guys see why I hang out with her so much?  Never a dull moment for sure!

8.  Daybreakers

“Though the title character shares the same name as Edward from Twilight, this movie has a clever response to the vampire apocalypse, dealing with what happens after the vampires have taken over and their blood food becomes scarce.” ~ The Big Sister

Me:  “What, no werewolves?”  :(

9.  Merlin

“A long ass movie, filled to the brim with stars you wouldn’t expect in a made-for-TV television film.”

10.  Scott Pilgrim Versus The World

“The most epic gamer movie of all time.” ~ The Big Sister

I’m watching her boot up WoW (World of War Craft) as we speak.  Hardcore!

* Family Guy Reference
**  Avatar:  The Last Airbender Reference
*** Star Wars Reference
**** Star Trek Reference

Thank you Ami for making a fun guest appearance on my blog, without actually appearing!  It saves you a lot of time worrying about what to wear.  :D

Happy Monday guys!

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  1. Blogging definitely opens up a world of opportunities otherwise closed to us, like not having to choose from twenty outfits to wear for a guesting or an interview :D You have a really cool big sister. I wish my brother thinks of me in the same way :D

    I loved the Daybreakers because it was so anti-Twilight (for me at least). Scott Pilgrim I loved just because the girl there had purple hair - I love purple hair! Too bad can't color my hair that way.

    Thank you so much for sharing your Good Things this week, Kelsa! Better late than never :D Have an awesome week!

    Brush Up On Your Reading


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