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Author Interview: Andrea Cremer

A big thank you to Andrea Cremer for gracing us with this interview and talking about her novel Nightshade!

Make sure to check out Andrea's blog, goodreads page, and website before you go!

1) What inspired you to write Nightshade?

Calla was the inspiration for Nightshade. I knew she was a strong, independent young woman who was facing a crisis. I also knew she was a wolf, which presented a problem for me because as much as I’m a lover of paranormal and fantasy I’ve never been a fan of werewolves. I grew up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and the wilderness was always magical and beautiful to me. Wolves are intelligent, graceful and social and I wanted to reflect my admiration of wolves in Nightshade’s mythology. That influence plus my work as a historian, who studies witchcraft, built the world of Nightshade.  

2) Was it hard writing Nightshade?  If so, how did you counter the evil of writer's block?

My writing process is strange - I don't outline, nor do I write in chronologically order. I call myself a jigsaw puzzle writer because I create scenes as they inspire me and then figure out how they all fit together. If I get stuck in one part of the story I jump to another and that gets my writing going again. I also use music for inspiration. If I listen to the right song it can help me figure out what needs to happen in a scene.

3) This book reminded me a great deal of Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause.  Was that your intention?  Have you read the book?
I hadn't read BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE or seen the movie until after NIGHTSHADE was on submission to publishers. Someone recommended it to me as a good wolf book. I read it and loved it - I definitely think that her wolves bear the closest resemblance to Guardians that I've seen, but the words they occupy are very different.

4) Was a love triangle between Ren and Calla and Shey your intention when you composed your first draft?

It wasn't. I was trying to answer the question: What happens to love when choice is taken away?

5) The Guardians in Nightshade are terrific.  Are they Shifters Shifters?  Werewolves?  Or are they just Guardians by definition?

Thank you! They aren't werewolves or shifters, but creatures brought into the world for a specific purpose. In the prequel to Nightshade, which I'm in the middle of writing and will be published in fall 2012, you'll learn more about the origins of the Guardians.

6) Was Calla's personality based off of your own?  What traits do you share with her?

Calla is completely her own character. I'm much more like her little brother, Ansel, because I'm a dreamer and idealist. Calla is stoic and very concerned about her sense of duty. We do have two things in common - a love of black coffee and our favorite book: Watership Down.

7) You give Ren a lot of character and personality in this book, which made me fall in love with him.  Are we going to see a possible happy ending for the lonely Alpha in the series?

I can't say what happens to Ren but he is a major part of all three books. 
8) Nightshade's sequel Wolfsbane picks up right where Nightshade left off.  Can you tell us more about it?

I have a strict no spoiler rule so I can't say much as WOLFSBANE is full of spoilers. But you'll learn a lot more about the war between the Keepers and Searchers.

9) Will we find out more about the history of the Keeper's and Searcher's feud and where it stems from comes from in Wolfsbane?

Ha - guess I just answered that :)

10) Was it your intention to make Nightshade a series of books?

I always knew Nightshade was three books. I actually think of it as a single 1,000 page story that is broken up into three parts.  
11) Personally, be honest, which guy do you love more?  Ren or Shey?

I never answer this question because it's Calla's choice, not mine.  
12) Is there some clue as to which guy will end up with Calla?  It seemed like there was room to speculate at the end of Nightshade and the summary of Wolfsbane.

Nope. And she might not end up with either of them. She'd be fine on her own.

13) I love the original covers for your books much more then the paperback reprints that have been circling the web.  Do you like the new cover designs?

I love all the covers. The originals are gorgeous, but the new covers really capture Calla and the content of the book. I feel lucky to have so many beautiful covers!

Thanks again Andrea!  :D

Make sure you check out my review of Nightshade here.



  1. awesome interview!! I can not wait to read Wolfsbane. I keep trying to get an ARC and well obviously have

    Great Job!! I loved it.

  2. Thanks Apples! If you manage to find one let me now A.S.P.A! ;)


  3. Aggggh! I'm on pins and needles now. I really want a happy ending for Ren! I love him to pieces! I'm so glad to hear he will play a major part in the new few books.

    Thanks for asking such great question Kelsa. I'm burning for the next book. Can't wait for more answers.

  4. Thanks Missie! I'm so glad you liked these questions. Not bad for my 1st one, ehh? LOL


  5. Aw, this is wonderful. Now I need to get my copy of Nightshade back from my sister like fire! ;)

  6. Great Interview! Big author to score! And good question about the covers. Actually all the questions were great. I might have to borrow some the next interview I do!


  7. @ Soulunsung: Get it from her stat! Its a great book! :D

    @ Buried In Books: Thanks Heather! I was lucky to get her so quickly. I was afraid she wouldn't want to do it actually lol.



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