Monday, February 14, 2011

Truth Or Dare Monday - Happy Valentine's Day!

Sing your praises of your favorite Paranormal Romance. Or at least compose a short poem...use any poetic interpretation, hell perform an interpretive dance, via vlog, just make it entertaining.

Being a loup-garou is not all its cracked up to be.
Loneliness is a frequent occurrence for me.
Only our kind can truly accept us they say.
Only I’m to damn stubborn to be swayed that way.
Damn them all for bothering me.

Aden is kind, gentle, and sweet.
Nothing like Gabriel
Damn that dog.

Chasing my tale this way and that.
Hoping for comfort in my meat-boy’s arms.
Opps, that was the wrong incentive.
Catching his eye was easy as pie.
Only now things have changed
Last week I saw him
At the Park on
The grass with that god awful slut.
Everything right now just freaking sucks.


I'm not that great of a poet, but this just seemed like to much fun to pass up.  Acrostic Poetry for your viewing pleasure. :) 



  1. That was great especially since we've been writing back and forth about Blood and Chocolate! You did a great job, though I don't think we're supposed to shed blood on Valentine's Day, just eat Chocolate! Hope you shared this with Parajunkee!


  2. Our e-mailing back and forth is what made me go for it actually. :)

    I hope it made you laugh, because it was meant to be funny more then anything. LOL


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