Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Sight, by David Clement-Davies

I finally got around to finish reading this book the other night, so as promised a review for anyone who might be interested in getting this book for themselves.  Today's review is on The Sight by David Clement-Davies.

Source:  Purchased
Released:  August 11th 2003
Published by:  Puffin
Page Count:  465
Buy it:  Amazon

In the shadow of an abandoned castle, a wolf pack seeks shelter. the she-wolf 's pups will not be able to survive the harsh Transylvanian winter. And they are being stalked by a lone wolf, Morgra, possessed of a mysterious and terrifying power known as the sight. Morgra knows that one of the pups born beneath the castle holds a key to power even stronger than her own—power that could give her control of this world and the next. but the pack she hunts will do anything to protect their own, even if it means setting in motion a battle that will involve all of nature, including the creature the wolves fear the most—Man.  Description from goodreads.com

This book had so much potential when I first picked it up and started reading it.  The plot of betrayal and deception behind Morgra, the antagonist, was good, the magic power of The Sight was just the right amount of balanced awesomeness for Larka's humble nature, the protagonist, and the wolves themselves were charismatic and had great personalities in the beginning.  

This would have been a fantastic read if it wasn't for the character's retelling every minuscule detail regarding the power of The Sight and the evil workings of Morgra.  Once I started on the third chapter the entire plot was pretty much revealed at the same time the wolves put together everything that was going on.  After that, whenever a main character would find something else revealing more regarding Morgra's evil scheme, the characters would retell everything leading up to this new small bit of information through dialog.  Every single time they did this I wanted to drop reading the book altogether.  

Towards the ending the twist for Larka's character was great, but the ending itself was drawn out.  The descriptions used by the writer at times were confusing and over done, especially when describing the shifting scene into the ManVarg.  I really did enjoy this book and the creative idea behind it, but the information dump really killed my enthusiasm for finishing it sooner.

EDIT:  Since I read this book this year (2011) I'm counting it towards Parajunkies Shifter Challenge



  1. This year is 2011! You can still count it as a shifter book, but get your years straight. And go to sleep. You've got school in the morning!!

    I suspect you were tired when you wrote this, because you probably write the date a lot more than I do!

    I was hoping this would be a good shifter book. The wolf is beautiful, but alas, the search goes on. Try Other by Karen Kincy. I've got a couple I won that I'm going to try. Under my Skin by Judith Graves. Crescent by Kitty Keswick looks good too. I might try that one. But there's also 13 to Life and the sequel is just out Secrets and Shadows. Those are both shifter books and 13 to Life was great!!! If you like a little romance with your shifter novel and some mystery.


  2. Wow, I really was tired. (laughs)

    *fixed the date*

    Oooooooohhhh, where were you before I spent money on books the other day!? ;)

    There is actually only one scene with Larka turning in to the ManVarg, but it was so rammbly that I didn't catch it at first (I had to read the page three times to figure it out :/)


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