Friday, February 4, 2011

New books and my very first entry...

Today marks an interesting day for me.  I officially begin the time consuming art of blogging.  It feels oddly comforting to be able to get back in to this again.  I use to frequent Livejournal in my younger days.  Granted I am still young (only nineteen years old) but it seems, oh, so long ago when I was fourteen!

Wow.  Six years.  That just seems so crazy to me at the moment.

The other day I received two books I ordered from barns&noble online.  Burning Bright by Ron Rash and The Precious Present by Spencer Johnson.

I’ve already read the first chapter (or story rather) in Burning Bright.  Its a collection of short fictional stories containing twelve in total.  I enjoyed the first story Hard Times, but I did not find anything about the story that exceptional.  I did however liked the themes of pride bordering blind arrogance which it explored.  This would typically not be the type of book I would purchase outright but it just so happens to be the required reading material for my English 101 class at Southeastern Louisiana University.  The author, Ron Rash is suppose to be making a trip to the campus for a live reading from this book, so maybe if I’m lucky I can connivance him to sign it for me and ask him so questions about the book - since were going to be dissecting it for class this semester.

The other book The Precious Present by Spencer Johnson was recommend highly by my psychology professor.  I personally think he is a nut - my professor, so to understand him better I bought the book, but mostly the only reason I got it was to get free shipping by spending twenty-five dollars or more online through barns&noble.  Hopefully I’ll learn something useful from it.  Hell, maybe I’ll learn something meaningful from it.  Who knows.

The book I am currently reading now is The Sight by David Clement - Davies.  It’s a fantasy novel focusing on wolves, which was the main attraction when a friend recommend it.  The fact that I found him glued to a book was a sight in itself, so I figured it must be good.  So far it hasn’t disappointed for creativity, but I haven’t picked it up for a good week cause of school, but that's only an excuse I can use for so long.  The characters are telling the story through the entire novel and its aggravating me to no end at the moment.  Once I finish reading it (sometime this month preferably) I’ll try to jump on a review.

"The Sight of The Precious Present Burning Bright would make me cry" ~Kelsa


  1. Just to let you know and I know you're new back to the scene, gives free shipping no matter the amount of books you order. And for $79 a year Amazon does free 2 day shipping for a year. I do that because their prices are a little lower than Book Depository and they are faster. Book Depository I think is in the U.K. Plus I get a lot of books.

    And yeah I think switching POV can be annoying. If it's done by chapter, sometimes it's okay. I just read Blood and Chocolate and loved it. I thought it wasn't suitable for teens below at least 16. What do you think? I'm a mom, so my pov may be skewed, but I asked two 14 yr old boys and as soon as I said naked they started giggling. It's one of the many reasons I put the age rating so high. Tell me what you think
    hrose(at)gmail(dot)com (you do your email addy that way so automated smammers can't get your addy.


  2. Very cool. Thanks for the tip. :) I'll have to think about using Amazon though. I'm to stubborn to purchase anything from them because they make it no more fun to troll around my favorite book stores.

  3. I gave you the wrong email addy it's hrose2931(at) gmail (dot) com



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