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Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

Source:  Borrowed
Released:  September 7th 1999
Published by:  Laurel Leaf
Page Count:  264 
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"Vivian Gandillon relishes the change, the sweet, fierce ache that carries her from girl to wolf. At sixteen, she is beautiful and strong, and all the young wolves are on her tail. But Vivian still grieves for her dead father; her pack remains leaderless and in disarray, and she feels lost in the suburbs of Maryland. She longs for a normal life. But what is normal for a werewolf?

Then Vivian falls in love with a human, a meat-boy. Aiden is kind and gentle, a welcome relief from the squabbling pack. He's fascinated by magic, and Vivian longs to reveal herself to him. Surely he would understand her and delight in the wonder of her dual nature, not fear her as an ordinary human would.

Vivian's divided loyalties are strained further when a brutal murder threatens to expose the pack. Moving between two worlds, she does not seem to belong in either. What is she really—human or beast? Which tastes sweeter—blood or chocolate?"  Description form

Blood and Chocolate focuses on prejudice between humans, werewolves, and star-crossed love which surrounds the story's heroine, Vivian.  Vivian is a werewolf who is determined to forge a relationship from someone outside of her pack to escape her loneliness, but when she finds Aiden, a human, and develops romantic interests in him, she tries to force the relationship to work without calculating the long term issues and repercussions.  Vivian is exceptionally defiant and rebels against her mother and pack traditions because she truly believes she can make things work between her and Aiden.

I truly do adore this book for many reasons.  The werewolf theme is well explored; the heroine Vivian is strong, independent, and a well developed character; and the complex theme of love is great for the plot's development, but this book gets on my nerves each time I read it because I find something wrong with it each time.  It kills me inside. This book has been a part of several papers over the years for me, so that might be why I find so many things to criticize about it.

I do like how Gabriel is just plain awesome in this book.  I watched the movie first and I loved hating his demented character so much it was really weird who I came about liking him in the book.  I kept waiting for him to be the real bad guy after Astrid (or with Astrid), but that never happened.

Aiden is portrayed as a pansy in the book and a huge dramatic idiot, which is completely 180 degrees different from the movie adaptation making him freaking hilarious to mock in the book.  The dialogue is strange at times between characters as well as the the inner monologue, but it’s not enough to annoy you as a reader.  I adore this fantasy book, but I wish I could stop finding the faults in it.


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